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Welcome to l’Osteria

La Lanterna

Trattoria La Lanterna was born in 2012, between lake and mountain, where elegance and tradition meet. It is a wish as old as the inspiration behind our efforts to deliver traditional dishes from Lombardy and Apulia with a contemporary twist. Our substantial professional trainings led us to cook in some of the most prestigious kitchens across Europe, and for the past four years we have been building a place where impeccable hospitality, warmth and dishes as good as they are beautiful welcome our clients and make them feel at home.




Top of the range resources, top of the range suppliers: that’s how our dishes are born.

La Lanterna

MENù a la carte

Four seasons. Eight different menus. Our dishes follow the rhythm  of the seasons and are regularly updated so as to bring to the table a few little portraits of our land as its colours, tastes and memories mix to create new culinary experiences.

La Lanterna

Wine List

Not only was Antonio Fogazzaro (1842-1911) able to narrate beautiful Valsolda as no other writer before him: he also knew quite a bit about the pleasures of wine, which, he maintained, “fills with taste both palate and soul“.

La Lanterna’s Cellar embraces this philosophy by presenting a list of wines in which each bottle was carefully selected to best accompany and enrich our menus.

La Lanterna


Pamela and Pasquale’s creativity, energy, and curiosity are the engine that transforms earthly raw materials into elegant dishes full of life and passion.

Upcoming Next


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